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2020-10-09 Whitey Ford (New York Yankees Hall of Famer)Dead.
2020-10-06 Johnny Nash ("I Can See Clearly Now..." Singer)Dead.
2020-10-06 Eddie Van Halen Dead.
2020-09-30 Jay Johnstone (Major League Baseball player and announcer)Dead.
2020-09-30 Mac Davis (Elvis' Songwriter and Country Music Singer)Dead.
2020-09-30 Helen Reddy (Singer)Dead.
2020-09-20 Robert Gore (Inventor of Gore-Tex)Dead.
2020-09-18 Ruth Bader Ginsberg (Supreme Court Justice)Dead.
2020-09-15 William Henry Gates II (Father of Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates)Dead.
2020-09-11 Stevie Lee ("Jackass" actor)Dead.
2020-09-10 Diana Rigg (British Actress)Dead.
2020-09-06 Lou Brock (St. Louis Cardinals' Hall of Famer)Dead.
2020-09-02 Tom Seaver (Hall of Fame pitcher)Dead.
2020-08-31 John Thompson (Legendary NCAA Men's BB Coach)Dead.
2020-08-29 Clifford Robinson (Retired NBA All-Star)Dead.
2020-08-28 Chadwick Boseman ("Black Panther" Star)Dead.
2020-08-28 Lute Olson (Hall of Fame NCAA coach)Dead.
2020-08-23 Sir Ken Robinson (Educationalist and top TED Talks presenter)Dead.
2020-08-21 Frankie Banali (Quiet Riot Drummer)Dead.
2020-08-19 Ben Cross (Chariots of Fire, Star Trek actor )Dead.
2020-08-15 Robert Trump (Younger brother of President Donald Trump)Dead.
2020-08-12 Sumner Redstone (Longtime Chairman of CBS/Viacom)Dead.
2020-08-07 Brent Scowcroft (Former National Security Advisor)Dead.
2020-08-04 Reni Santoni (Actor, "Poppie" on Seinfeld)Dead.
2020-08-02 Wilford Brimley (Actor)Dead.
2020-07-30 Herman Cain (Former Businessman and GOP Presidential Candidate)Dead.
2020-07-29 Malik B. (Founding member of The Roots)Dead.
2020-07-26 Olivia de Haviland (Gone with the Wind star )Dead.
2020-07-25 Peter Green (Fleetwood Mac Co-Founder )Dead.
2020-07-25 Regis Philbin (Legendary TV Host)Dead.
2020-07-23 John Blake (Former Head Football Coach at Oklahoma)Dead.
2020-07-17 Rep. John Lewis Dead.
2020-07-13 Naya Rivera ("Glee" Actress)Dead.
2020-07-13 Kelly Preston (Actress, wife of John Travolta)Dead.
2020-07-07 Mary Kay Letourneau Dead.
2020-07-06 Ennio Morricone (Oscar-Winning Composer)Dead.
2020-07-06 Charlie Daniels (Country Music Legend)Dead.
2020-07-02 Hugh Downs (Broadcast Journalist)Dead.
2020-06-30 Johnny Mandel (Oscar-winning Composer)Dead.
2020-06-30 Carl Reiner Dead.
2020-06-22 Joel Schumacher (Director)Dead.
2020-06-19 Sir Ian Holm (British Actor Famous for Bilbo Baggins, Alien )Dead.
2020-06-18 Jean Kennedy Smith (Fmr. Ambassador to Ireland and last surviving sibling of JFK)Dead.
2020-06-08 Bonnie Pointer (Founding Pointer Sister)Dead.
2020-06-02 Wes Unseld (NBA Hall of Famer)Dead.
2020-05-31 Christo Vladimirov Javacheff (Artist)Dead.
2020-05-26 Richard Herd (Seinfeld's Mr. Wilhelm)Dead.
2020-05-23 Eddie Sutton (Hall of Fame College Basketball Coach)Dead.
2020-05-22 Jerry Sloan (NBA Hall of Fame Coach)Dead.
2020-05-20 Gregory Tyree Boyce ("Twilight" Actor)Dead.
2020-05-18 Ken Osmond ("Leave It to Beaver" Actor)Dead.
2020-05-16 Phyllis George (Miss America 1971 & Broadcast Pioneer)Dead.
2020-05-16 Fred Willard (Actor)Dead.
2020-05-10 Jerry Stiller ("Seinfeld" Actor)Dead.
2020-05-10 Betty Wright (Soul singer)Dead.
2020-05-09 Little Richard (Rock legend)Dead.
2020-05-08 Roy Horn (Siegfried & Roy)Dead.
2020-05-05 Cady Groves (Country/Pop Singer)Dead.
2020-05-04 Don Shula (Hall of Fame NFL Coach)Dead.
2020-05-01 Sam Lloyd (Character Actor from "Scrubs," "West Wing," "Seinfeld")Dead.
2020-04-20 Tom Lester (Green Acres Actor)Dead.
2020-04-18 Paul O'Neill (Former U.S. Treasury Secretary)Dead.
2020-04-16 Brian Dennehy (Actor)Dead.
2020-04-14 Henry Steinbrenner (New York Yankees co-owner)Dead.
2020-04-14 Danny Goldman (Brainy Smurf actor)Dead.
2020-04-13 Ellis Marsalis (Jazz pianist, father of Branford and Wynton Marsalis)Dead.
2020-04-08 Linda Tripp Dead.
2020-04-07 John Prine (Grammy Winning Songwriter)Dead.
2020-04-06 Honor Blackman (British Actress, Bond's "Pussy Galore" )Dead.
2020-04-06 Maeve Kennedy Townsend McKean (RFK's Granddaughter)Dead.
2020-04-06 Al Kaline (Hall of Fame Detroit Tigers Outfielder)Dead.
2020-04-06 James King (Star of "My 600-lb Life")Dead.
2020-04-05 Shirley Douglas (Actress/Kiefer Sutherland's mother)Dead.
2020-04-05 Tom Dempsey (Legendary NFL Kicker)Dead.
2020-04-03 Adam Schlesinger (Somgwriter)Dead.
2020-04-03 Bill Withers (Soul Singer)Dead.
2020-03-31 Wallace Roney (Jazz trumpeter)Dead.
2020-03-29 Joe Diffie (Country Music Star)Dead.
2020-03-28 John Callahan (All My Children star)Dead.
2020-03-28 Dr. Tom Coburn (Former Oklahoma US Senator nicknamed "Dr. No")Dead.
2020-03-26 Fred "Curly" Neal (Harlem Globetrotters Legend)Dead.
2020-03-24 W.H. Braum (Founder of Braum's Ice Cream & Dairy Stores)Dead.
2020-03-24 Terrence McNally (Playwright)Dead.
2020-03-20 Kenny Rogers Dead.
2020-03-17 Roger Mayweather (World Champion Boxer, Uncle of Floyd Mayweather, Jr.)Dead.
2020-03-12 Michel Roux (British Chef)Dead.
2020-03-09 Max Von Sydow (German Actor)Dead.
2020-03-03 Bobbie Battista (Original CNN Headline News Anchor)Dead.
2020-03-02 James Lipton (Host of "Inside the Actors Studio")Dead.
2020-03-02 Jack Welch (Legendary GE CEO)Dead.
2020-02-25 Hosni Mubarak (Former Egyptian Leader)Dead.
2020-02-24 Katherine Johnson (Famed NASA Mathmetician and inspiration for “Hidden Figures”)Dead.
2020-02-20 Sy Sperling (Founder of the Hair Club for Men)Dead.
2020-02-08 Robert Conrad ("The Wild, Wild West" Actor)Dead.
2020-02-05 Kirk Douglas Dead.
2020-01-30 John Andretti (NASCAR Star)Dead.
2020-01-29 Chris Doleman (NFL Hall of Fame Defense End)Dead.
2020-01-26 Kobe Bryant (NBA Superstar)Dead.
2020-01-23 Jim Lehrer (Longtime PBS News Anchor)Dead.
2020-01-22 Terry Jones (Monty Python Star)Dead.
Found: 1571 d-d-d-dead  Displaying: 201 - 300 << First | Prev  || Next | Last >>

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