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2022-07-07 James Caan (Oscar Nominated Actor from Godfather, Misery, Elf)Dead.
2022-06-18 Mark Shields (PBS Newshour and CNN Capital Gang Journalist)Dead.
2022-06-05 Dave Smith (Co-Inventor of MIDI technology)Dead.
2022-05-29 George Shapiro ("Seinfeld" producer)Dead.
2022-05-26 Ray Liotta ("Goodfellas" Actor)Dead.
2022-05-13 Fred Ward (Actor from "The Right Stuff," "Gray's Anatomy")Dead.
2022-05-07 Mickey Gilley (Country Music Star)Dead.
2022-05-04 David Birney (St. Elsewhere, ST:DS9 Actor)Dead.
2022-04-30 Naomi Judd (Country Music Singer)Dead.
2022-04-23 Orrin Hatch (Former U.S. Senator from Utah)Dead.
2022-04-22 Guy LaFleur (Five time Stanley Cup champion and Montreal Canadiens legend)Dead.
2022-04-21 Robert Morse (Tony and Emmy Award winning actor)Dead.
2022-04-16 Mike Bossy (Four time Stanley Cup champion)Dead.
2022-04-15 Liz Sheridan (Actress, Jerry's Mom from "Seinfeld")Dead.
2022-04-12 Gilbert Gottfried (Comedian)Dead.
2022-04-09 Dwayne Haskins (Pittsburgh Steeler and former Ohio State QB )Dead.
2022-04-03 Estelle Harris (Actress from Seinfeld & Toy Story)Dead.
2022-03-25 Taylor Hawkins (Drummer for Foo Fighters)Dead.
2022-03-23 Madeleine Albright (Former Secretary of State)Dead.
2022-03-18 John Clayton (NFL Reporter John Clayton)Dead.
2022-03-13 William Hurt (Actor)Dead.
2022-03-12 Richie Podolor (Legendary rock and roll producer )Dead.
2022-02-24 Sally Kellerman (Oscar Nominated Actress)Dead.
2022-02-22 Mark Lanegan (Grunge Singer)Dead.
2022-02-22 Bob Beckel (Former Democratic strategist and Fox News Personality)Dead.
2022-02-14 Ivan Reitman (Producer of Ghostbusters, Animal House, others)Dead.
2022-02-12 Jim Angle (Former Fox News Reporter)Dead.
2022-02-09 Jeremy Giambi (Former MLB Player)Dead.
2022-02-03 Bill Fitch (NBA Champion Head Coach)Dead.
2022-02-01 Moses J. Moseley ("The Walking Dead" Actor)Dead.
2022-01-30 Howard Hessman (WKRP in Cincinnati Actor)Dead.
2022-01-21 Louie Anderson (Comedian, Actor, "Family Feud" Host)Dead.
2022-01-21 Meat Loaf (Singer)Dead.
2022-01-10 Robert Durst (Convicted Murderer)Dead.
2022-01-09 Bob Saget (Comedian)Dead.
2022-01-09 Michael Lang (Woodstock Organizer)Dead.
2022-01-08 Marilyn Bergman (Award-Winning Lyricist)Dead.
2022-01-07 Sidney Poitier (Oscar Winning Actor )Dead.
2022-01-06 Peter Bogdanovich (Oscar Nominated Director )Dead.
2022-01-01 Dan Reeves (Former NFL player and head coach )Dead.
2021-12-31 Betty White (Iconic Comedienne)Dead.
2021-12-28 Harry Reid (Former Senate Majority Leader)Dead.
2021-12-28 John Madden Dead.
2021-12-25 Desmond Tutu Dead.
2021-12-12 Anne Rice (Gothic author of "Interview with a Vampire," others)Dead.
2021-12-10 Al Unser, Sr. (Four-time Indy 500 Winner)Dead.
2021-12-09 Barry Harris (Jazz Pianist)Dead.
2021-12-08 Robbie Shakespeare (Grammy winning bassist for Sly & Robbie)Dead.
2021-12-05 Bob Dole (Former US Senate Majority Leader and 1996 GOP Presidential Nominee)Dead.
2021-11-26 Stephen Sondheim Dead.
2021-11-09 Dean Stockwell (TV and film actor)Dead.
2021-11-04 Sean Connery (Bond, James Bond)Dead.
2021-10-24 James Michael Tyler ("Gunther" from Friends)Dead.
2021-10-22 Peter Scolari (Bosom Buddies and Newhart star)Dead.
2021-10-21 Ralph Carmichael (Composer of "I Love Lucy" theme; prolific Christian Musician)Dead.
2021-10-18 Colin Powell (Former Secretary of State and Chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff)Dead.
2021-09-14 Norm MacDonald (Comedian)Dead.
2021-09-06 Michael K. Williams ("Wire" actor)Dead.
2021-09-04 Willard Scott (Today Show Weatherman)Dead.
2021-08-30 Jacques Rogge (Former President of the International Olympic Committee)Dead.
2021-08-29 Ed Asner Dead.
2021-08-24 Charlie Watts (Rolling Stones Drummer)Dead.
2021-08-22 Phil Valentine (Conservative Talk Show Host)Dead.
2021-08-21 Don Everly (Singer)Dead.
2021-08-08 Markie Post (Actress)Dead.
2021-08-08 Bobby Bowden (Former Florida State Seminoles Head Coach)Dead.
2021-08-05 Richard Trumka (AFL-CIO Leader)Dead.
2021-08-05 Bobby Eaton (Professional Wrestler)Dead.
2021-07-29 Carl Levin (Former U.S Senator from Michigan)Dead.
2021-07-29 Ron Popeil (Late Night TV Infomercial pioneer for Veg-o-matic, others)Dead.
2021-07-28 Dusty Hill (ZZ Top Bassist)Dead.
2021-07-24 Jackie Mason (Comedian)Dead.
2021-07-16 Biz Markie ("Just a Friend" Rap Artist)Dead.
2021-07-05 Richard Donner (Director of Superman, Lethal Weapon, Goonies)Dead.
2021-07-05 Matiss Kivlenieks (Columbus Blue Jackets Goaltender)Dead.
2021-07-05 Terry Donahue (Former UCLA Football Head Coach)Dead.
2021-06-30 Donald Rumsfeld (Former Secretary of Defense)Dead.
2021-06-27 Mike Gravel (Influential Vietnam War Opponent )Dead.
2021-06-23 John McAfee (Inventor of Antivirus software )Dead.
2021-06-17 Frank Bonner (WKRP in Cincinnati Actor)Dead.
2021-06-13 Ned Beatty (Actor from "Deliverance," "Superman" and others)Dead.
2021-06-08 Jim Fassel (Former New York Giants head coach)Dead.
2021-06-03 F. Lee Bailey Dead.
2021-05-29 B.J. Thomas ("Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head" Singer)Dead.
2021-05-29 Mark Eaton (Former Utah Jazz Center)Dead.
2021-05-29 Gavin MacLeod (Captain Stubing from "The Love Boat")Dead.
2021-05-19 Paul Mooney (Comedian)Dead.
2021-05-18 Charles Grodin (Actor)Dead.
2021-05-11 Colt Brennan (Former Hawaii star quarterback)Dead.
2021-05-08 Tawny Kitaen (1980's Music Video Sex Kitten)Dead.
2021-05-08 Paul Van Doren (Founder of Vans Shoes)Dead.
2021-05-07 Ernest Angley (Televangelist)Dead.
2021-05-04 Bobby Unser (Race Car Driving Legend)Dead.
2021-05-01 Olympia Dukakis (Actress)Dead.
2021-04-28 Michael Collins (Apollo XI Command Module Pilot)Dead.
2021-04-28 Al Schmitt (Legendary Recording Engineer)Dead.
2021-04-20 Jim Steinman (Songwriter for Meatloaf, Celine Dion)Dead.
2021-04-19 Walter Mondale (Former Vice President of The United States)Dead.
2021-04-16 Helen McCrory (Harry Potter and Peaky Blinders Actress)Dead.
2021-04-14 Bernie Madoff (Infamous Ponzi Schemer )Dead.
Found: 1624 d-d-d-dead  Displaying: 101 - 200 << First | Prev  || Next | Last >>

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