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2024-07-14 Shannen Doherty (90210, Charmed actress)Dead.
2024-07-13 Richard Simmons (Fitness Guru)Dead.
2024-07-13 Dr. Ruth Westheimer (Noted Sex Therapist)Dead.
2024-07-11 Shelley Duval ("The Shining," "Popeye" actress)Dead.
2024-07-09 James M. Inhofe (Former U.S. Senator from Oklahoma)Dead.
2024-06-30 Martin Mull (Comedic Actor)Dead.
2024-06-21 Taylor Wily ("Hawaii Five-0," actor)Dead.
2024-06-20 Donald Sutherland (Actor)Dead.
2024-06-18 Willie Mays Dead.
2024-06-12 Jerry West (NBA legend and model for the NBA logo)Dead.
2024-06-03 Larry Allen (NFL Hall of Famer)Dead.
2024-06-02 Marian Robinson (Michelle Obama's Mother)Dead.
2024-05-27 Bill Walton (NBA Hall of Famer, NCAA Two-TIme Champion)Dead.
2024-05-25 Richard M. Sherman (Disney Composer from Mary Poppins, Small World, many more)Dead.
2024-05-25 Morgan Spurlock ("Super Size Me" Documentary Filmmaker)Dead.
2024-05-17 Dabney Coleman (Actor from "9 to 5," "On Golden Pond")Dead.
2024-05-13 David Sanborn (Grammy Winning Saxaphonist)Dead.
2024-05-05 Bernard Hill (Actor from Titanic and Lord of the Rings)Dead.
2024-04-18 Dickey Betts (Founding member of Allman brothers )Dead.
2024-04-11 Orenthal James (O.J.) Simpson (Football Star later Acquitted of Murder )Dead.
2024-03-29 Louis Gossett Jr. (Actor)Dead.
2024-03-27 Joseph Lieberman (Former U.S. Senator from Connecticut)Dead.
2024-03-18 General Thomas P. Stafford (Gemini, Apollo, Apollo-Soyuz Astronaut )Dead.
2024-03-12 Eric Carmen ("All By Myself" singer/songwriter)Dead.
2024-03-07 Steve Lawrence (Steve and Eydie)Dead.
2024-02-28 Richard Lewis (Comedian)Dead.
2024-02-09 Seiji Ozawa (Conductor)Dead.
2024-02-06 Toby Keith (Country Music Star)Dead.
2024-02-02 Carl Weathers ("Rocky's" Apollo Creed)Dead.
2024-01-30 Chita Rivera ("West Side Story," actress)Dead.
2024-01-23 Frank Farian (Milli Vanilli and Boney M Producer)Dead.
2024-01-07 Cindy Morgan (Caddyshack and Tron Actress)Dead.
2024-01-05 David Soul ("Starsky & Hutch" actor)Dead.
2023-12-30 Tom Wilkinson (Academy award nominated actor)Dead.
2023-12-27 Herbert Kohl (Former Wisconsin Senator and Milwaukee Bucks Owner)Dead.
2023-12-27 Tom Smothers (Comedian from the Smothers Brothers )Dead.
2023-12-18 Eric Montross (Former NCAA Basketball Champ and NBA player)Dead.
2023-12-13 Andre Braugher (Emmy winning Actor from Brooklyn Nine-Nine)Dead.
2023-12-08 Ryan O'Neal (Actor)Dead.
2023-12-06 Norman Lear (Legendary TV Comedies Producer)Dead.
2023-12-01 Sandra Day O'Connor (First Female Supreme Court Justice )Dead.
2023-11-29 Henry Kissinger (Former United States Secretary of State)Dead.
2023-11-28 Charlie Munger (Investment Expert and Warren Buffet confidante )Dead.
2023-11-19 Rosalynn Carter (Former First Lady)Dead.
2023-11-17 Dex Carvey (Dana Carvey's son)Dead.
2023-11-01 Robert Montgomery "Bobby" Knight (Legendary NCAA basketball coach )Dead.
2023-10-28 Matthew Perry ("Friends," actor)Dead.
2023-10-27 Richard Moll ("Night Court" actor)Dead.
2023-10-19 Burt Young ("Paulie" in Rocky)Dead.
2023-10-15 Suzanne Somers (Actress, Fitness advocate)Dead.
2023-10-14 Andy Bean (11 Time PGA Tour Winner)Dead.
2023-10-05 Dick Butkis (Legendary NFL linebacker)Dead.
2023-09-29 Dianne Feinstein (U.S. Senator from California )Dead.
2023-09-28 Michael Gambon (Albus Dumbledore Actor)Dead.
2023-09-27 Brooks Robinson (Baseball Hall of Famer)Dead.
2023-09-04 Steve Harwell (Lead Singer of Smash Mouth)Dead.
2023-09-02 Mohamed Al-Fayed (Former Owner of Harrod's and Father of Dodi Al-Fayed)Dead.
2023-09-02 Bill Richardson (Former Governor of New Mexico )Dead.
2023-09-01 Jimmy Buffett Dead.
2023-08-28 Samuel Joseph Wurzelbacher (Joe the Plumber)Dead.
2023-08-26 Bob Barker (Longtime "Price is Right" Host)Dead.
2023-08-04 Mark Margolis (Actor (notably "Tio" from Breaking Bad))Dead.
2023-07-31 Paul Reubens (Pee-Wee Herman)Dead.
2023-07-28 Randy Meisner (Founding member of the Eagles)Dead.
2023-07-26 Sinead O'Connor (Irish Singer)Dead.
2023-07-21 Tony Bennett Dead.
2023-07-20 Andre Watts (Pianist)Dead.
2023-07-08 Peter Nero Dead.
2023-06-30 Alan Arkin (Oscar Winning Actor from "Little Miss Sunshine")Dead.
2023-06-22 Occupants of the Oceangate Titan (Missing sub visiting the Titanic)Dead.
2023-06-16 Daniel Ellsberg (Pentagon Papers Leaker)Dead.
2023-06-13 Treat Williams (Actor )Dead.
2023-06-12 Silvio Berlusconi (Former Italian Prime Minister)Dead.
2023-06-10 Ted Kaczynski (The Unibomber)Dead.
2023-06-08 George Winston (New Age Pianist)Dead.
2023-06-08 Pat Robertson (Religious Broadcaster, and Liberty Univ founder )Dead.
2023-06-07 The Iron Sheik (WWE Hall of Fame Wrestler )Dead.
2023-05-24 Tina Turner Dead.
2023-05-21 C. Boyden Gray (Former White House counsel)Dead.
2023-05-20 Tim Bachman (Co-Founder of Bachman-Turner Overdrive)Dead.
2023-05-19 Jim Brown Dead.
2023-05-09 Denny Crum (Hall of Fame NCAA basketball coach )Dead.
2023-05-02 Gordon Lightfoot (Canadian Folk Singer)Dead.
2023-04-27 Jerry Springer Dead.
2023-04-25 Harry Belafonte Dead.
2023-04-22 Dr. Charles Stanley (1st Baptist Atlanta Pastor and In Touch ministries founder)Dead.
2023-04-16 Ahmad Jamal (Jazz Pianist)Dead.
2023-03-24 Gordon E. Moore (Intel founder and creator of Moore's Law)Dead.
2023-03-21 Willis Reed (New York Knicks Legend)Dead.
2023-03-18 Jack Holder (Notable Pearl Harbor Survivor)Dead.
2023-03-13 Patricia Schroeder (Former US Rep. of Colorado)Dead.
2023-03-10 Earvin Johnson Sr. (Father of Magic Johnson)Dead.
2023-03-09 Robert Blake Dead.
2023-03-06 Gary Rossington (Lynyrd Skynyrd guitarist and last living founding member)Dead.
2023-03-03 Tom Sizemore (Actor)Dead.
2023-03-02 Wayne Shorter (Jazz Saxophonist)Dead.
2023-02-27 Terry Holland (Longtime UVA Basketball Coach)Dead.
2023-02-19 Richard Belzer (Comedian)Dead.
2023-02-19 Stella Stevens (Actress and Sex Symbol)Dead.
2023-02-16 Tim McCarver (Former Mets broadcaster)Dead.
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